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St.Clair’s Tea

With this bountiful legacy and decades of commitment, St. Clair’s tea is now poised to bring you the finest Pure Ceylon tea in its myriad blends and varieties. Teas from every part of the island, each with its unique taste and flavor are packed and shipped around the world.

  • 1 Premium Range
  • 2 Green Tea Range
  • 3 Classic Range
  • 4 Tea Country Range
  • 5 Luxury White teas
  • 6 7 Regions
  • 7 Tisanes
  • 8 Organic Tea
  • 9 Fair Trade – St. Clair’s Ethical Tea
  • 10 Nouveau Collection
  • 11 Silk Road
  • 12 Gift Tea
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Premium Range

A regular premium tea collection, the teas are as blended by James Ryan the founder and Master blender of St.Clair’s estate in Ceylon. It is dependable and economical without compromising on quality. Available as loose tea packs, string and tagged, Green tea caddies and black tea pouches or zip lock pouches.


Green Tea Range

St. Clair’s offers a comprehensive range of a now highly-favoured tea for its percieved health benefits. Green tea in leaf tea and tea bags and flavoured green tea in tea bags.


Classic Range

The perennial favorites of tea lovers the world over, St. Clair’s Classic teas are definitely so in every sense. Currently available in String and Tag tea bags.


Tea Country Range

Traditional and timeless this is tea the way our grandparents knew it. With every sip, Tea country takes you a step back in time… It gives you a taste of different grades of tea which are BOP, FBOP, flowery Pekoe, Pekoe, OP and OPA,


Luxury White teas

Classy and elegant, rare teas of matchless quality, the luxury selection is what Rolls Royce is to cars. Ceylon Silver tips and Golden tips in 40g caddies.


7 Regions

A unique collection that brings together the diverse and delectable teas from all regions of this richly endowed island. With her beautifully contoured land, her diversely enriched soil and climatically varied regions, Sri Lanka undoubtedly produces not only the finest tea, but also a surprising variety. From low-grown to high-grown and fragrant to full-bodied the teas will please not only the varied palettes of regular tea-drinkers but also the connoisseurs the world over.



A tea for your sixth sense. Its tea combined with an infusion of herbs, spices and other plant material. Tisane is said to have health benefits due to certain medicinal herbs used. Served chilled or unchilled, herbal teas have been in use for centuries. Tisanes have a soothing effect and will lift your spirits with its aroma, flavor and medicinal properties. Its fruit flavours and aromas are especially delightful.


Organic Tea

The St. Clair’s range of Organic teas are grown and processed without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. An independent certification board verifies the tea plants are strictly grown in natural soil, fertilized with only organic additives. St. Clair’s tea have been given USDA, Control Union and JAS certifications.

James Ryan being an ardent nature enthusiast, also experimented with agricultural methods that did not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, only biological ways of enriching the soil. Thus he was rewarded with healthy tea crops that were totally organic.


Fair Trade – St. Clair’s Ethical Tea

Fairtrade is an assurance to growers and workers that they will be treated more fairly and receive decent wages greater than or in line with the legal minimum wage. The workers and their dependents receive free housing, healthcare facilities and the right to a basic education. Just as our founder James Ryan was sensitive to the needs of his workers and provided them facilities and opportunities, we at St. Clair’s continue this legacy improving the lives of our plantation workers and working in their best interests. So you can be assured that you will consume an ethical cup of tea and will have contributed towards uplifting their lives and those of their children. Laxapana, Brunswick, Strathspey and Craig estates of St. Clair’s have received Fairtrade certification.


Nouveau Collection

An envelope bag collection consisting of different varieties of tea for those who love their tea in fun flavors.


Silk Road

Reminiscent of the illustrious days gone by…our silk road collection celebrates the brands of tea that first put Ceylon tea firmly on the world map. The tea is beautifully packaged which when opened symbolizes a flower in full bloom.


Gift Tea

If you wish to give someone a classy and chic gift, the St. Clair’s gift collection is ideal. Elegant and tasteful, it showcases sri Lanka’s quality teas suitable for any occasion.

Wooden Boxes & Assortments

Stylishly finished wooden boxes, ideal for presenting and making an impression. These gift boxes carry a wide range of enveloped tea bags.

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