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Story of St. Clair’s

When James W.Ryan a man ahead of his time, began to cultivate and manage his own tea estate, tea was still largely unknown. His passion and drive saw St. Clair’s grow into an illustrious tea plantation, producing fine tea. Ceylon became synonymous with tea and Ryan’s legacy lives on today in every sip of St. Clair’s tea, a Pure Ceylon Tea perfected and appreciated the world over.


Our Own Plantations

It is with this legacy that St. Clair’s tea plantations have continued to grow. Situated in the beautiful mountainous regions of central Sri Lanka, the tea-producing plantations have ideal and varied climatic conditions. It is said that the St. Clair’s waterfall was so named after the neighbouring tea plantation St. Clair’s. The St. Clair’s waterfall, is known as the “little Niagara falls of Sri Lanka”as it is one of the widest in the island. The St. Clair’s plantations have a rich history of producing some of Sri Lanka’s finest teas. Needless to say, the climatic conditions, elevation and the soil all add up to make our tea rich in nutrients and flavor. The Master blender Ryan’s legacy lives on today, in every sip of St. Clair’s tea. It lives up to our promise of fresh and pure, from our very own tea gardens.

St. Clair’Teas are processed and packed within the shortest time thereby ensuring that its aroma, flavor and taste come alive as you sip your cup of tea. With the sheer strength and backing of the Richard Pieris Group of Companies St. Clair’s is poised to continue its legacy of producing the world’s finest Pure Ceylon Tea.

Arpico – The Richard Pieris Group

Arpico (A Richard Pieris Co.)ls a household name that is synonymous with quality, innovativeness and value for money, enriching Sri Lankan lives for over 80 years. It is also one of the largest employment providers in the private sector of Sri Lanka. Being the largest tea, rubber and oil palm manufacturer, it owns 54 estates throughout the island. Arpico Supercentres are the pioneering and only hyper market in Sri Lanka, attracting every householder looking for anything from a napkin to a drawing room suite. A solid and stable conglomerate, the group continues to expand capturing markets around the globe.

Certificates and Achievements

We at St. Clair’s, give you our personal assurance that the tea contained in this product is of the highest quality. Packed at origin thus preserving the freshness of the world’s finest teas, we have no doubt that you will enjoy the distinct flavor and taste of these tea blends passed down by our founder James W. Ryan. Please write to our St. Clair’s team; we would like to know your experience with this wonder beverage.


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